Hotel Review | Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden, Gili Air


I booked Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden at the last minute as I saw a deal arise, and I couldn’t have been happier. This place is still very new on Gili Air, however, this wasn’t reflected in the service. They seemed to have ironed out any teething problems they may have had before I arrived.

As the name suggests, the premise of this place is a serene yoga setting, offering a treehouse style studio to those wanting to practice whilst on the island. Whilst not an avid yogi myself, this even inspired me to give it a shot. However, don’t get me wrong, this place may have been inspired by the love of yoga, but their accommodation and whole foods offering goes above and beyond a simple yoga setting.


The Location:

Set just a 5 minute walk up from the main jetty in Gili Air, this place really couldn’t be located much better. It’s set back from the road to allow you a feeling of peace and serenity, yet close enough to walk anywhere on the island with ease.

NB. There is a mosque nearby, and they seem to pray 24/7, I tend to be able to sleep with any distraction so it didn’t cause me too much of an issue. However, I imagine for most this could be a concern. On the other hand – I was offered ear plugs upon arrival – so this could be easily resolved.


The Rooms:


There are 4 types of room in the hotel, two that offer just one double bed (Deluxe Room, and Deluxe Garden Bungalow) and two that offer two double beds – perfect for families (Family Bungalow and Deluxe Double Queen).

I opted for the Deluxe Garden Bungalow and was blown away. A large double bed.. with a duvet! (Yes – I do still love a duvet in 30 degree heat, nothing a bit of AC can’t resolve). The outdoor bathroom was an added bonus, and provides another element of the island environment. I truly believe, no matter which room you opt for you won’t be disappointed. The decor is chic, simple and in line with Balinese culture, and quite honestly – cannot be faulted.


The Food:

The kitchen was in operation all day, with a delicious breakfast served in the morning where you could opt for any type of eggs, fruit, muesli (all 3 if you were feeling it), fresh fruit juice, Lombok coffee. Plenty to go around. There was no strict timing on this, with a rough outline of 7 – 10am.

The food offering continues throughout the day with a range of sweet and savoury options. From nourish bowls (salad base with your choice of toppings), smoothie bowls, ‘healthy vegan’ ice cream. There was certainly enough to keeps any hunger pangs at bay, and I’d have happily enjoyed every meal here during the course of my stay.


The Facilities:

Clearly the aforementioned Yoga studio is the show stealer here, with multiple classes on throughout the day, however for those not wanting to practice, theres also a great living space where you can simply chill out and read a book (they have a great little library to choose from should you have run out of your own), or sit by the pool (albeit a simple plunge pool).


Unfortunately I wasn’t there on a Monday, when the offer a curry and movie night, which seems to be incredibly popular. So I’d definitely get down for that if you’re staying on the island at the beginning of the week, I heard nothing but good things about this during my stay.

With the beach on your doorstep, the likelihood is you’re not going to be short of things to do.


The Service:

From the communication I had with Emily prior to arrival, to the excellent staff working throughout the hotel, the service here cannot be faulted. The staff were more than pleasant willing to leave you alone should you want to chill but happy to engage if you’re looking for some tips, or just a conversation, whilst there. All in all, the staff are a true asset to this complete serenity of a hotel, and I have no doubt that it’ll continue to flourish on the island and will become a top spot of visitors as time goes by.

The Habit Hunter x

Hotel Review | Cocotoa Boutique, Gili Trawangan


Arriving on Gili T and I think you could’ve put me in a garden shed and I would’ve been happy. This place blew my mind once I stepped off the boat, and immediately knew island life was totally my scene – no shoes, limited wifi, lots of happy, smiley people… oh and corn on the cob on every corner!

However, far from a garden shed it was. Cocotoa is nestled in the middle of the island, just a few rows back from the main strip. In all its white glory, it welcomed me in with open arms.


The Location:

Ideal for keeping away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip, but close enough to walk everywhere. It’s more secluded than most hotels in the resort, but remains on the ‘busy’ Eastern side of the island.

Cocotoa provides bikes (IDR 50,000 per day – about £2.50) that will do the job at getting you everywhere with ease, or feel free to use the feet we were blessed with and amble around at your own pace. Just take time to remember you’re on an island, go with the flow, don’t hurry it away.

The Rooms:

Cocotoa offers 5 types of room of varying sizes, from their deluxe room to their king suite. I stayed in their ‘luxury’ room, which was more than enough. Quite honestly, I think opting for the deluxe would be plentiful on this island where you’ll spend most of your time away from the room.

All rooms are large, with bathrooms plenty big enough. They’re decorated with a modern flair (not sure how I felt about the colourful lights under the base of the bed, however, nothing a switch couldn’t resolve.


The Food:

Honestly, the breakfast isn’t worth sticking around for. There’s fruit on offer with every choice, whether that be eggs, toast, pancakes or noodles. It’s FINE (yes.. I hate that word too). It was enough to keep me fuelled for the one day I tried it before my scuba diving, but I wasn’t keen to rush back. There’s plenty of delicious spots to try on the island, so I’d recommend heading elsewhere if you’re a bit of a breakfast aficionado – I highly recommend The Banyan Tree.


The Facilities:

In terms of facilities, there’s the onsite restaurant (not somewhere you’d hurry too). The pool is perfect, it’s a great size for Gili T, with enough space around the pool. Of all the snooping into other hotels I did, it’s definitely on the larger side. Other than bikes on offer to rent, as with many other Gili hotels, there’s not a huge amount of facilities.

If you’re interested in keeping fit whilst you’re away, GILIFIT (the only gym on the island) is a short 3min walk from Cocotoa, it’s basic, but will suffice if you’re a stickler for routine.


The Service:

I didn’t have a huge amount of interaction with the staff, but when I did they were all lovely and very helpful. One thing I did notice is that as I took my key with me every day my room didn’t get cleaned? Not entirely sure why this was, as you’d presume they’d have a spare. I’ve emailed the hotel for clarity on this – so I’ll get back to you!

The Habit Hunter x

Hotel Review | Bisma Eight, Ubud


Could I have dreamt of a better place to begin my trip? Absolutely not. Bisma Eight in Ubud blew my mind a million times over. Perhaps due to the fact I was surprised with an upgrade to their Forest Suite upon arrival, but also due to their impeccably kind and generous staff.

Set amidst the Balinese jungle, Bisma Eight is the perfect blend of local raw materials, industrial chic and ultimate luxury.


The Location:

Perfection – just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Ubud (10mins) or if you’re looking to rest your legs, they offer a free shuttle service to and fro throughout the day. However, set back from the main centre there’s enough breathing space to allow you to feel in total serenity from the rest of the world.