Hotel Review | Bisma Eight, Ubud


Could I have dreamt of a better place to begin my trip? Absolutely not. Bisma Eight in Ubud blew my mind a million times over. Perhaps due to the fact I was surprised with an upgrade to their Forest Suite upon arrival, but also due to their impeccably kind and generous staff.

Set amidst the Balinese jungle, Bisma Eight is the perfect blend of local raw materials, industrial chic and ultimate luxury.


The Location:

Perfection – just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Ubud (10mins) or if you’re looking to rest your legs, they offer a free shuttle service to and fro throughout the day. However, set back from the main centre there’s enough breathing space to allow you to feel in total serenity from the rest of the world.


The Rooms:

There’s 3 types of rooms within the hotel, and I managed a sneak peak into all three, The Garden Suite, The Canopy Suite and The Forest Suite – none of which I am imagine anyone would be disappointed with.

I had the privilege of staying in The Forest Suite, 50sqm of complete and utter luxury, with views that evoke a sense of a hidden treehouse, allowing me to end each day with a front-row seat to the spectacular Balinese sunset from my private balcony. All rooms include the instaworthy Japanese soak tub! (Whilst it might take 45mins to fill, it’s totally worth it).