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La Vie En Rose

Back in November 2015, I signed up to my first marathon. Albeit a very rash decision, perhaps drawn in ever so slightly at the prospect of trip to ‘The City of Love’ as an added extra. Soon after, the training began, but more importantly the Paris planning started. As a brunch and hotel enthusiast, and the worst-decision maker known to man, Paris planning became a huge challenge. The abundance of boutique hotels, Parisienne cafes, and chic hotspots, made for a lot to fit in over 3 days (as well as throwing in a 42km run into the mix). However, the challenge was accepted, and needless to say it did not disappoint.


1. Cafe Mericourt
2. Paperboy
3. Cafe Pinson 10e
4. Wild & Moon
5. Ob-La-Di


1. Hotel La Belle Juliette
2. Hotel Jules & Jim
3. Hotel Du Petit Moulin


1. La Fidelité
2. Cafe Germain
3. Le Bistrot Paul Bert
4. Benedict


1. Colette
2. Merci
3. Le Marais (An area not an individual store)
4. La Duree

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